Let it snow

Posted at 24 Dec 2010
Tags: shell, misc, christmas

I can’t complain about a lack of snow these days, but if you can, then do the following to have a least some nerdy virtual snow:

  • Open a terminal on Linux or Mac OSX.
  • Copy & paste the following line:
clear; echo -en "\033[1;37m\033[40m"; while [ true ]; do i=0;
  echo; while [ $i -lt 80 ]; do i=`expr $i + 1`;
    if [ $RANDOM -gt 32000 ]; then echo -n "*"; else echo -n " "; fi;
  • Press Enter.

Got enough? Press CTRL-C and type echo -e "\033[0m" to reset the colors to black on white.

Merry Christmas!

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