About me

My name is Markus Konrad. I’m located in Berlin. I studied Computer Science. This is what most of this website is about.

I’m working as Data Scientist at the Berlin Social Science Center (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung – WZB). I help researchers in the fields of Political Sciences, Social Sciences and Economy in terms of data mining, processing, analyses and visualization. From time to time I write about this in a dedicated blog. I give workshops and seminars to these topics, too.

CV can be sent upon request.

About this website

I run my own website since around 2006. It has gone through several reshapings, reconstructions and reincarnations. This is about the fifth version of my website.

I’ve seen and used a lot of different content management systems (CMS) over the last decade. For my own website I also tried out several existing solutions, but all of them annoyed me at a certain point. I used TYPO3, I used pmWiki, and now I’m using no CMS at all — at least not in the traditional sense. I’m currently using jekyll, which is a static website generator written in Ruby. I edit my website (using templates, Markdown content, etc.) on my laptop and jekyll spits out the static HTML files that get uploaded to my webserver. So far, it’s quite convinient and it has the big advantage that no additional security holes are exposed through script languages like PHP, Perl, whatsoever.

I’m using several plugins to costumize jekyll:

I’m also using thor to run several content generation scripts via terminal.