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Blog Posts

Why You Should Never Use MongoDB

Posted at 27 Sep 2016
Tags: databases, nosql, link

[WZB] A tip for the impatient: Simple caching with Python Pickle and Decorators

Posted at 23 Aug 2016
Tags: wzb, python

[WZB] Displaying translated ForeignKey Objects in Django Admin with Django-Hvad

Posted at 23 Aug 2016
Tags: wzb, python, django, webdevelopment

[WZB] Accurate Part-of-Speech tagging of German texts with NLTK

Posted at 13 Jul 2016
Tags: wzb, datascience, python, nlp

[WZB] Autocorrecting misspelled Words in Python using HunSpell

Posted at 13 Jul 2016
Tags: wzb, datascience, python, nlp

[WZB] Creating a sparse Document Term Matrix for Topic Modeling via LDA

Posted at 18 Jun 2016
Tags: wzb, datascience, nlp, python

Crossposts from WZB Data Science Blog

Posted at 17 Jun 2016
Tags: wzb, datascience

From now on, I will post links here to articles that I write for the WZB Data Science Blog from time to time. They will be prefixed with “[WZB]”.

Cross join / cartesian product between pandas DataFrames

Posted at 16 Apr 2016
Tags: python, pandas, datascience

Cross joins which form the cartesian product between two datasets, are a quite useful operation when you need to run calculations on all possible combinations of the rows in these datasets, for example calculating the age difference between each person in two groups of people. Another example would be calculating the distance between several origin cities and several destination cities. This is a good use-case for pandas, which helps working with large datasets efficiently in Python. But although the library supports most common join operations using DataFrames, it lacks the support for cross joins. However, cross joins can be created with a little workaround using pandas.merge(), which I will demonstrate with a small example.

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Most software already has a “golden key” backdoor: the system update

Posted at 28 Feb 2016
Tags: link, security

A Python script to convert BibTeX to BibJSON

Posted at 18 Feb 2016
Tags: python, bibtex

I made a small Python script that converts BibTeX to BibJSON. It uses BibtexParser to parse the input BibTeX data and then constructs the JSON format as proposed by the BibJSON draft.