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Posted at 07 May 2012
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I’m quite proud to announce that the project team in which I am currently working, project “HardMut” of the INKA research group, has successfully finished its work with the Jewish Museum on.tour. Last friday, the mobile museum premiered in the Albrecht-Dürer-School in Berlin and will continue to visit schools in the following weeks.

The mobile museum visits schools all over Germany and features a full exhibition that fits into a van when it is packed. Once it is set up in the school yard, a exhibition is unfolded with four different thematic “islands”. Additionally there are workshops in the classrooms where the children can immerse into six different interactive diaries of Jewish children and learn about their lives and believes. A video in German gives an overview about the project:

The project team in our research group was responsible to develop the interactive modules of the exhibition and the interactive diaries which were realized as iPad applications using cocos2D. The software base is planned to be released under an Open Source license.

We will present our results on the forthcoming Culture and Computer Science Conference next week in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin.

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