Simple camera calibration tool and intrinsics database

Posted at 18 Jun 2014
Tags: ar, imageproc, opencv

At work, I’m often involved in projects that are somehow related to Augmented Reality (AR), which requires to know certain camera parameters (intrinsics). These can be found out during camera calibration, as for example described in this OpenCV tutorial. However, the tool for this that comes with OpenCV is rather difficult to use as it requires to write numerous settings in XML first. Because of this, I wrote a simpler tool for camera calibration, which can be found in the github repository cam-intrinsics-db. It works from the command line with just a bunch of program arguments. See the mentioned github repo for its features and more details. Besides this tool, the repository contains a database with the identified camera parameters of different devices. I hope that this database grows in the future and everybody is invited to submit calibration results.

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