WebRTC Experiment: Peer-To-Peer Bomberman Game

Posted at 14 Aug 2013
Tags: webrtc, javascript, development

For an university project I played around with the upcoming HTML5 technology WebRTC. Its purpose is to enable real-time peer to peer (or in this case: browser to browser) communication via a JavaScript API. It is already implemented in current versions of Firefox and Chrome.

I used this technology to create a variant of the popular game Bomberman. You can play a multiplayer game with up to 4 players. WebRTC is used to create a peer-to-peer mesh network between these players, which results in low-latency direct connections without an intermediate server. The JavaScript library peer.js is used to interface with WebRTC and to do the connection brokering.

Try out the game with friends on the demonstration server. Note that you need at least Firefox 22 or Chrome 25 and all players need to run the same browser model.

The project is only a show-case so graphics and gameplay are very basic. The interesting thing is mainly the WebRTC part. You can have look at the github repository and check out the project documentation.

If you spotted a mistake or want to comment on this post, please contact me: post -at- mkonrad -dot- net.
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