Real-time audio synthesis on iOS devices

2011-04-01 • ios, audio, synth

For our “Indepenent Coursework” in semester two, I have written a paper about “audio synthesis possibilities on mobile devices using the Apple iPhone and iPad”. In the paper, a set of software libraries for real-time audio synthesis on iOS devices are analyzed and compared, namely:

Some examples on how to use them are also given. The paper can be a good starting point for audio synthesis on the iOS platform.

The abstract of the paper reads as follows:

This paper covers the topic of real-time audio synthesis on mobile Apple devices like the iPhone or the iPad (iOS devices). Such mobile multi-touch devices introduced an interesting new kind of user interaction and user experience. Applying them to the music context, can create an exciting new world of musical instruments. Unfortunately, only very little information exists until now (March 2011) about audio synthesis on iOS devices. There is only one book that will cover this topic in a few chapters and this book will not be released before August 2011. Therefore I hope that this paper brings some light into the darkness. It analyses existing techniques and libraries for these devices and describes the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen libraries. Short examples of how to use them will be given. Two of the introduced libraries, namely LibPd and Core Audio, will be covered in more detail. The paper concludes with an overall estimation about the audio synthesis possibilities of iOS devices. The appendix consists of some example applications that implement the mentioned techniques.

You can download the paper here: