Loopuino – A simple loop station with Arduino and SuperCollider

2010-02-01 • arduino, audio, supercollider

This student project consists of two Arduino-based controllers and some software using SuperCollider. The first controller allows to toggle the recording of an instrument signal (e.g. from a guitar) on the computer. After recording, it will be played back in a loop (this is done on the computer using SuperCollider). The loop playback parameters (speed, duration) can be controlled live with the second Arduino controller. It has some potentiometers to change the playback parameters, which are sent via radio communication to the first Arduino controller. The first Arduino controller sends these values to the SuperCollider program which will change the loop playback.

The second (wire-less) controller can for example be attached to a guitar. It also features a row of LEDs to show the current bar of the loop. Several loops can be “stacked” and the playback can even be reversed, which creates some interesting sounds.

This project was made together with Tobias Schultze in our last bachelor’s semester in Applied Computer Science.