Peer-To-Peer Multiplayer Game Bomberman via WebRTC

2013-08-01 • webrtc, javascript

This project is an experiment to test the upcoming HTML5 technology WebRTC. It was created during a course at university. Its purpose is to enable real-time peer to peer (or in this case: browser to browser) communication via a JavaScript API. It is already implemented in current versions of Firefox and Chrome.

I used this technology to create a variant of the popular game Bomberman. You can play a multiplayer game with up to 4 players. WebRTC is used to create a peer-to-peer mesh network between these players, which results in low-latency direct connections without an intermediate server. The JavaScript library peer.js is used to interface with WebRTC and to do the connection brokering.

The project is only a show-case so graphics and gameplay are very basic. The interesting thing is mainly the WebRTC part. You can have look at the github repository and check out the project documentation.